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Terms and Conditions

We aim to deliver a world class, life changing conference to all our delegates.

We want the conference to be a positive experience for all who attend.

We ask everyone in attendance to be respectful of the different world views that other delegates may have.

If we view anyone as disruptive or causing significant distress to others, we reserve the right to ask them to leave the conference. In this circumstance a partial ticket refund will not be issued.

Whilst we hold event cancellation insurance unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible for losses associated with pre-booked travel and accommodation.

Cancellation Policy/COVID

If, for any unforeseen circumstances, we are required to cancel or postpone the conference we will endeavour to reschedule the event. If this is not possible, a credit or a refund will be offered.

Unfortunately we cannot be held responsible for any losses associated with a cancellation, such as pre-booked travel or accommodation.

Delegate cancellations which fall within the month prior to the conference, will be offered a 50% refund of their original ticket price. This helps to cover our associated administration, pre-booked catering and venue expenses. Any other cancellations or no-shows due to illness or misadventure on the day are at the delegates expense. 

Speaker unavailability

If, due to unforeseen circumstances, our keynote speaker becomes available, we will endeavour to reschedule or offer a refund.

Non-alcoholic event

As this event is open to all, we may have recovering alcoholics who will be attending, therefore there will be a 'no alcohol' policy on the day. 

Diversity and inclusivity  of attendees

We are aware many people will come to this conference, who have experienced their own trauma.

We extend a welcome to all,  but please note, this conference is a place to learn about trauma, we cannot provide in-depth mental health support during this time.

Please reach out to our team at Frontiers of Hope for assistance in dealing with trauma

Transfer and sale of tickets

If you buy a ticket and are unable to attend, you can gift or sell your ticket(s) to someone else.

This must be done at or below the purchase price of the tickets. You will need to contact our administrator to provide transfer details, or donate to our team to distribute at our discretion.

All partial payments, subsidised tickets, or discount coupons must be discussed with the Director or Development Manager, prior to purchase. Bulk or group discounts for a specified number of delegates may be negotiated.

Final payments must be made 4 weeks before the conference, unfortunately, you will not be admitted if there are outstanding fees associated with yours, or your groups tickets. Please contact to discuss

Student Tickets

Our organisation works tirelessly to provide events and conferencing to those who are currently training or studying in a relevant field. Please note 'student ticket' criteria is for those currently 'unwaged' (without regular income) who hold a valid Student ID. As these tickets are often offered at a loss to the event, we will strictly enforce this criteria and appreciate your understanding in our need to make these events sustainable.

*Any situation such as current financial hardship must be discussed with the Development Manager, prior to ticket purchase. This will be individually assessed and at our discretion. Confidentiality is assured.

Use of information

All information presented at the conference should be considered 'general advice', it may not be applicable to all situations. 

The conference will educate professionals about many different types of therapies, if you offer these therapies, it is your responsibility to ensure these are provided safely, with the required training.


Please do not record the conference through video or auditory means.

Please ensure that if you do take photos, you have obtained the consent of those in them, and please use the images in a respectful way.


We thrive on feedback! We would love your input into the success of future events -positive or not so, this helps us to learn what worked, and where we can improve our processes, to ensure we deliver the best possible conferences and training. We are a small team, wearing many hats, if you have expertise in a specific area, or contacts we could approach, and you'd be keen to volunteer your talents, please contact

By purchasing tickets you agree to these terms and conditions.

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