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Terms and Conditions

We aim to deliver a world class and life changing conference to all our attendees.

If you are not happy with something, please talk to the organising committee, we do want to make it right.

We want the conference to be a positive experience for all who attend. We ask everyone in attendance to be respectful of the different world views that our attendees have. If we view anyone as disruptive or causing significant distress to others, we reserve the right to remove them from the conference. We will not refund their tickets.

We hold event cancellation insurance for this event. We are not responsible for losses associated with travel and accommodation.


It is unlikely we will go back into a level four type lockdown. February should be a good time of year, as winter colds have not started. If we need to postpone the conference we want to postpone it and deliver it as a live conference rather than an online conference. If we do need to postpone, you can take a credit for the next conference or a refund.

We are not responsible for any losses associated with a cancellation, such as travel or accommodation.

Keynote speeches

In the event we need to social distance the seating or we have larger than expected numbers we may repeat keynote speeches so everyone can see them live or we may present them on high quality screens in overflow areas.

Speaker unavailability

If our one or some of our keynote speakers become available we will try to replace them with someone who is equally good. We may offer online sessions with the original speaker at a date when they are available.

Suitability of attendees

We are aware many people will come to this conference, who have experienced their own trauma. We welcome these people, but please note, this conference is a place to learn about trauma, we cannot provide in depth mental health support at the conference. Frontiers of Hope is a good place to find help for trauma,

Transfer and sale of tickets

If you buy a ticket and are unable to attend, you can give or sell your ticket(s) to someone else. This must be done at or below the cost of the tickets.

Final payments must be made two weeks before the conference, you will not be admitted if there are unpaid fees.

Use of information

All information presented in the conference should be considered general advice, it may not apply to all situations. 

The conference will educate professionals about many different types of therapies, if you offer these therapies, it is your responsibility to ensure these are offered safely with the required training.


Please do not record the conference through video or auditory means.

Please ensure that if you do take photos, the people in the photos are happy to be in them and please use them in a respectful way.

By buying tickets you agree to these terms and conditions.

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