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Look out for our upcoming DBR Training Schedule for 2024
Dates, venues and cost advertised soon

Workshop 1 60 mims

3-4 pm Monday February the 27th 2023


Julie Teetsov, Mareile Stoppel, Brenda Wille, Julie Forsey Carolyne Jamieson, Kathy Davidson: Introduction to Somatic Experiencing (Two hours, covering both workshops)

Astrid Katzur: The EMDR Institute, An introduction to EMDR

Catherine Gallagher: The Role of Parents and Caregivers in Supporting their Children and Young People to Heal from Trauma. 

Emma-Kate Woodham: The Brain Garden Trust, Supporting Families with Children in Ongoing Medical Care.

Madeline Cook: A personal experience of healing and overcoming trauma using multiple treatment options.

Ross Palethorpe: Te Kura (Correspondence school) Trauma-Informed Practice in Distance Learning Environments

Ruth Lanius: Question and Answer

Sarah Maindonald: Stop, Culture and Identity: Utilizing a clients' cultural strengths to assist in the resolution and management of trauma. 


Workshop 2 60 Mins

4-5 pm Monday February the 27th 2023

Betty Gallagher: Sally-Ann Evans, Stop Children's Service, A Trauma Informed Approach to Children with Concerning Sexual Behaviour

Maria Lui: Stand Children’s Services, Creative Art and Music Therapies with Children and Adults who have Trauma.

Marie Fillion: Frontiers of Hope, Working with and Assessing Clients with Sensory Issues.

Dr Simon Parsons -Healing trauma with psychedelic assisted therapy

Stephen Porges and Sue Carter, Question and Answer

Dame Sue Bagshaw and Bronwyn Moore: -Group Discussion of Case Studies Working with Trauma Informed Clients.

Ruth Troughton: Neurobiology of Trauma: a Physiotherapy Perspective



Workshop 3 Four hours, Tuesday 1 to 5pm - Afternoon tea in the middle.

An introduction to Miri Miri (Māori Healing), different techniques and case studies.

Ruth Lanius, Monique Chasteau, Sejla Murdoch Healing Trauma Through Neurofeedback

Stephen Porges and Beverley Flitton: The Polyvagal Theory In Practice.

Simon Rosenbaum: Global perspectives and evidence base for the implementation of physical activity and sport initiatives for the treatment of trauma, with focus on people in refugee and forced migration situations.


Workshop 4 90 mins 1pm to 2:30 Wednesday the 1st of March 2023

Anna Skolarikis Phyllis Traficantes: GROW Working with Kids Program that has adapted Polyvagal Theory and Somatic Experiencing Interventions (Three hour workshop)

Andrea Greer: Trauma Responsive Practice in the classroom

Ed Tronick: Question and Answer-Via Zoom

Donnalea Van Vleet Goelz the Power of Movement.

Larry Honig: Family Constellation Therapy- Understanding How Trauma Can Run in Families

Louise Mackenzie: Complex Trauma and Neuropsychotherapy

Trish Gledhill and Caro Swanson: Te Pou, Using Values Based, Trauma Informed Strategies in Everyday Practice.

Veronica George: Behavioural Challenges in the Classroom Through a Trauma-Informed Lens


Workshop 5 90 mins 3pm-4:30pm

Jacinda Gilligan and Mareile Stoppel: Healing the effects of Trauma Through Yoga

Marie Fillion: Frontiers of Hope, Animal Assisted Therapy

Petria Thoresen: Using Multiple Modalities to Treat Complex Trauma

Selja Murdoch: The use of Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback in Clinical Practice with Survivors of Refugee Trauma

Muslim Wellbeing Team members and Purapura Whetu Trust (with Farial Savul and Ruth Troughton): Implementation of a Kaupapa Maori response to the 2019 Mosque terror attacks

Wendy Kelly: A Relational Learning Framework for Understanding what Children Learn from Maltreatment

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